About Me

​Hey There!

I am so happy you dropped by to learn how I can help your business. And I can help your business! Let's just get that on the table.

I have been writing for over five years and I am a proficient researcher. In fact, I have written the book "Taming the Online Research Beast, available on Amazon. It will help you find information faster.

​In addition to the above, I am constantly reinforcing my knowledge in my niches (or mini-markets, if you like!) I maintain subscriptions to research and libraries to keep up with my topics. I also reinforce my grammar skills, as boring as that may seem.

​The most important aspect of how I can help you is I don't view my clients as simply a way to make money by writing for them.

I view my clients as partners. 

This isn't just some buzz phrase to try and convince you to hire me. I believe in it wholeheartedly! When I come across something that may help your business, I let you know about it. If I see something that has the potential to adversely affect your business, I will alert you to that as well.

​Not Afraid of Criticism

​I want you to be happy with the work I produce. End of story. If there is ever a time when you are not, let me know and I will make it right. I want to help your business grow. When I do that for my clients, we grow together!

It's Your Turn

​Reach out to me using the contact information above and let's get this partnership started. I want to get help ​your business succeed!