Writing Portfolio

​​This page contains my portfolio of my writing work over the past several years. I look forward to helping you with your writing needs. ​



Finance & Investing

​Do You Need to Be a Quant to Trade Financial Markets? - This blog posts describes how quants may not be needed for small, retail-based traders. It also shows how it may not be needed for anyone. Warren Buffett shares this sentiment with a bet (see inside!)

​Getting Relevant Traffic to Your Finance Website - ​It's easy to get traffic to your website. What's not as easy is getting traffic that matters. Learn more from this post.

A Stock Is Not a Business - A stock is a piece of paper that represents ownership in a company. Although, technically, a stock is an asset, it should not be treated as an entity in its own right.

Buying a Stock Means Owning a Company - To drive the point home, this articles goes into further detail why people should consider the company instead of focusing only on the stock.

Yahoo Finance is Free - Or Is It? People have been using Yahoo Finance to get financial information for years. However, there is some important information that you need to know before using the website.

Before You Accept a Credit Forgiveness Deal - This is a time bomb waiting to happen for many. It can cost you if you don't take care.

Reading a Financial Statement - Helps readers learn the nuances of reading a financial statement. This is part one of two!

How Options Can Lower Your Risk - People are afraid of options but needn't be. They pass them off as being too risky. However, once you understand them, you will see the can lower your risk.

​Crowdfunding Explained - Learn how you can get money for your business or for your creativity!


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Why R Programming Will Become Your Go-To Language - There are reasons to abandon these functions, but heed this warning first!

Should You Abandon Base R Functions? - There are reasons to abandon these functions, but heed this warning first!

Creating a Website at the Push of a Button - Did you know you could create a website in no time at all? Check this out!

Don't Make Web Hosting Any Harder Than It Needs to Be - This article was written to help people learn how to decide on web hosting.

You'll Forget to Backup Until It's Too Late! - This happens all the time and it's tragic. Don't let this happen to you!

​Writing & Publishing

​Do You Need Content for Your Website? - Silly question, but many people don't know where to look or how to get it done correctly.


Should You Spin Your Content? - This is a question that comes up, especially for newer bloggers. Read this before considering doing it.

Repurposing Your Content Case Study #1 - The web is about more than just articles these days. Learn how to make the most of all mediums.

​​How to Overcome the Challenges Facing Online Businesses - Common sense ideas to solve the issues for online business owners.


Farmers Markets of the Hudson Valley - profiles the growing trend of farmers markets in the Hudson Valley.

​My Journey Into the World of Animation - I found this great software package that can make an animator out of practically anyone! Very Cool!

Product Reviews

16 Product Reviews - DownHillMoney.com gives insight into various make money online (MMO) programs. I have helped my client with 15 of those reviews.

Win New Customers by Jean Ginzburg - The book has an interesting title, but does it deliver?

​How to Build Traffic to Your Website by Jim Lewis - Traffic is an important aspect of having a website or blog. Will this book help you find the traffic you need?



​Taming the Online Research Beast - Publisher: Amazon - I wrote this book to help people learn the proper methods of online research. This book will help you become a better researcher!


Why Most People Don't Make Money - Learn why and how to reverse it so that you do.

​How to Become a Google Search Maniac - ​Little known secrets to the largest search engine. You will become a better searcher with this report!